Hangzhou Delights

Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, is just an hour away on the speed train from Shanghai but is a world apart.  While many people are familiar with the … [Read more...]

A Taste of Tibet

Tibet is very high up on my list of places to visit and I'm hoping to make it there in the next few years.  While on a trip to Sichuan province I was able to … [Read more...]

Japanese Karē

Curry is somewhat of an obsession in Japan.  Many of the regions and prefectures across the country boast their local interpretation of this favorite.  All … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Pancakes

Vietnam is a street food wonder.  Throughout the country you will find tasty morsels on every corner.  A name you will often see advertised on signs as a snack … [Read more...]

The Jewels of Xinjiang

The past month, all over the Asian continent, has been one of lively festivities as people celebrated the Lunar New Year and welcomed the Year of the Snake.  … [Read more...]

Shanghai Dumplings

A traditional breakfast in Shanghai is dumplings and the Shanghainese take their dumplings very seriously.  Dumplings of all varieties are a quick satisfying … [Read more...]

Cooking School Nightmare

I'm a sucker for a cooking class and I've taken my fair share.  Wherever I'm visiting, I usually check the possibilities of learning to make the local cuisine.  … [Read more...]

Madame Nom’s

In the famous temple town of Luang Prabang in northern Laos there is a simple restaurant that serves a soup so delicious it has the power to transcend into … [Read more...]

Noodles in Central Vietnam

No trip through central Vietnam is complete without a stop in Quang Nam province to visit the UNESCO protected ancient town of Hoi An and an excursion to the My … [Read more...]

Good Fish, Bad Fish

I recently came back from a holiday in the Philippines on the island of Palawan.  As soon as I touched down, I was on my way to try the local specialities; … [Read more...]