The Name:

Our name comes from an ancient Persian folk tale1. The story goes that one day Mullah Nasreddin (the personification of the wise fool) was sitting around eating a bunch of chilies, one right after the other. He was suffering through the process; his eyes were streaming and hands burning. A passerby came up to him and asked him what he was doing. He replied “I’m looking for the sweet one.”

This story is a metaphor for my approach to food, travel, and life. We are always trying the bad seeking the good. We eat a myriad of foods hoping to find that remarkable mouthful. We cook so many dishes before achieving that perfect one. Keep searching and you just might find that sweet one.

On Cooking:

Wherever you are in the world you can always find a bit of home in the kitchen. I love experimenting and creating dishes that represent where I’ve been and where I am. I eat it, then attempt to make it myself.

I aspire to create easy recipes that bring an authentic taste of the world into your kitchen. I focus on local ingredients and provide substitutions and sourcing ideas for you at home.

On Eating:

To me food is an adventure, a story, and one of the greatest ways we have of experiencing life. I often recall a place, journey, or memory by the food I ate.

I think food brings us a deeper understanding of a culture and what that society values. I try to find the local speciality of wherever I’m visiting. I’m an adventurous eater and even though I squirm at some things, I still try them. The locals must love it for some reason and you’ve got to give it the benefit of the doubt.

I love street food and it is one of the big things we are missing in our own food culture. Street food is a true expression of local cuisine and most of the world doesn’t dine in chain or fancy restaurants. People go to their neighborhood hole-in-the-wall or markets for the best eats and that’s where I want to go too.

1. Nasreddin story adapted from “Simply this Moment” by Ajahn Brahm

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